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KWDF On YouTube

The Key West Dulcimer Fest is now represented on YouTube!

We'll be sharing video from all 15 instructors/performers along with videos from Key West - a perfect companion to our blog/site here! In fact, Jae and I will be in the Keys for ten days beginning this Friday, so we'll have lots of new info from the trip.

Be sure to check KWDF out on Twitter as well, as we'll be utilizing the micro-blogging service for updates and details once we're all on the island in January of 2010. Give yourself plenty of time to get used to this popular social media application!



Instructor/Performer Profile: Jeff Hames

Jeff began studying under David Schnaufer at the Blair School of Music. His education continued for six years during which time David introduced Jeff to the history of the mountain dulcimer and the music that could be made on this very versatile instrument.

Since winning the National Dulcimer Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in 2006, Jeff has become a much in-demand instructor and performer on the dulcimer festival circuit. (

Instructor/Performer Profile: Tull Glazener

Tull has been sharing the music of the mountain dulcimer since 1984. He has performed and led workshops throughout the mid-west and south. Tull enjoys arranging aires, waltzes, ragtime, traditional, old-time, contemporary, classical, and jazz for the mountain dulcimer. Tull is also one of the performers on Susan Trump’s Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol. I. He has produced four recordings, is author of two instruction books, and has been a featured columnist for Dulcimer Players News.