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Pre-Order Key West CD!

The Official CD of the First Annual Key West Dulcimer Fest is now available for pre-order! Buying now will put you first on the list for this tropical collection of 15 tracks by the teaching/performing staff of the fest. Tracks include:

Margaritaville - Bing Futch | Birdland - Karen Mueller

Jamaica Farewell - Tull Glazener

Rivers Of Babylon - Lois Hornbostel | Fragile - Butch Ross

John B Sails - Robert Force

Pupu A `O `Ewa - Gary Sager | Sing A Song - David Beede

Sun Lotion 99 - Susan Trump

Kokomo - Jeff Hames | Three Little Birds - Rick Thum

Swingin' 7's - The Aaron O'Rourke Trio

Mode For Dulcimer - Stephen Seifert | Samantha's Smile - Guy George

By Land & Sea - Dan Landrum

You can hear samples of each tune in the store.

Workshop Descriptions

Here are the workshop and masters class descriptions for the Key West Dulcimer Fest. Workshop sign-up will begin shortly!

Stephen Seifert

Learn to Play Mountain Dulcimer the Homegrown Way
Experienced Beginner and Lower Intermediate
DAD Tuning
Bring Capo

When I first was learning to play the dulcimer, I didn't know any tunes and I was terrible at reading tab. I wasn't about to let that stop me from making music. I will share with you a number of methods I used then and still use today to learn and develop right and left-hand playing techniques. You don't need to be a good reader or have a good ear to make the dulcimer sing. I will show you exactly what I'm talking about. The handouts will make sure you don't go home unclear about the process.

Variations on Silver Bell
DAD Tuning
Bring Capo

This isn't the Christmas tune. Silver Bell was written in 1910 by Percy Wenrich, also known as "The Joplin Kid." I'm bringing a couple different versions as w…