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Happy New Year! Official KWDF Poster

Click to see a larger image!

Key West Venues and Lodging: A Bird's-Eye View

For those of you attending the 1st Annual Key West Dulcimer Fest who want to get a lay of the land, we've got just the thing: Google Earth.

If you don't have this wonderful program, download it for free using the above link. Once it's installed, or if you've already got it on your computer, open Google Earth and use the links below to be whisked magically to the corresponding locations!

1. Click on the place name.

2. A pop-up menu will ask if you want to save the .kmz file or open it with a program. It should already have selected "Google Earth." If not, be sure to select "Google Earth" from the dialogue box.

3. Click "Ok" and Google Earth will take you right to the location!

4. Once there - explore the surrounding area. Where you see icons of cameras, you can click on them for a street level view.

The American Legion

Key West Golf Club

As you can see, the American Legion is right next door to the golf course! The American Legion will be ho…

Workshop Pre-Registration!

Below, you'll find schedule grids for Friday and Saturday's workshops. Click on each one to get a larger version or select the .pdf file links to the left under "Important Info!"

The three workshop columns that appear underneath the name of our two venues will take place at those venues (a half-mile apart.)

Be sure to e-mail your workshop choices to!

Be sure to check the Workshop Descriptions link for more info on each class and also to get info about the various "Master's Classes" being offered by some of the instructors. "Master's Classes" will take place on Thursday and Sunday. Contact individual instructors for fee.

The Key West Dulcimer Fest: In A Post


Registration for the Key West Dulcimer Fest is open! Be sure to act quickly or you may miss out on the first tropical dulcimer festival in America! The four-day festival will be held at Hurricane Hole Marina (5130 Overseas Highway) and the Key West American Legion (5610 College Road).

Our performing and instructing staff includes: David Beede, Robert Force, Bing Futch, Guy George, Tull Glazener, Jeff Hames, Lois Hornbostel, Dan Landrum, Karen Mueller, Aaron O'Rourke, Butch Ross, Gary Sager, Stephen Seifert, Rick Thum, Susan Trump and Roger Zimish..

Attendees will be able to take workshops in both hammered and mountain dulcimer as well as guitar, steel drums, pennywhistle, banjo, autoharp and other instruments. There will be a "dulcimer doctor" on-site tending to repairs and upgrades while vendors will supply everything from strings and music books, to stands and padded dulcimer cases.

Registration is $95 and includes all workshops and both nights of instructor conc…