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A Travel Tradition

Jack's Bait and Tackle

When Jack first started this bait and tackle shop he hung the sign saying "we are so poor, we can't afford a front door". This sign is still hanging here today! Our new shrimp tanks and aeration systems are designed by University of Florida Marine Biologists. We take pride in having shrimp most of the time. We also carry (when available) fresh ballyhoo, thread hearing and sardines. Our frozen baits are top quality. If you need specialty baits such as: Ladyfish, goggle eyes or flying fish etc, just give us a call and we will gladly have what ever you need available

The apparel side of the building has a wide variety of : Crocs, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Calcutta and Guy Harvey Clothing. Everything you need for the look of the keys.

When you exit the Florida Turnpike onto US-1 in Florida City, you are at the start of an exciting journey; the drive across the Overseas Highway and down through the keys before landing in Key West. You'll drive over 42 bridges that connect 100 islands during the 126-mile drive. 18.8 miles will take you directly over water!

As you make your exit and curve around to the right, you'll see a whole strip of gas stations, restaurants, shops and stores, all there because there's no stopping until you reach Key Largo, which is 29 miles away.

So, for certain, gas up and grab something to eat. One of our family traditions is to stop at Jack's (one of the last buildings on the right, next door to a huge new Race Trac station) for a restroom break and some of the best boiled peanuts you've ever tasted. Jack's is open 24 hours, so no matter when you swing through, it'll be there waiting for you.

Once in the Keys, we try to only support local businesses whenever possible - and Jack's is a Florida institution that we love to love!


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Great Times!

We had a BLAST at this year's Gathering and are already making plans for 2014!  Thanks to everyone who joined us - we hope you think back on these few days and smile at the memories.  Plan on joining us again next January!

2013 Key West Dulcimer Gathering - 1/24 - 1/27

The 2013 Key West Dulcimer Gathering will take place January 24th - 27th at Casa Cabanas (2510 Harris Ave.) in Key West, Florida!  The low-key nature (pun fully intended) of the 2012 event worked so well that we've decided to stick with that formula; whoever shows up, shows up and will be welcomed with music, fun, great food and the beauty of wintertime in the sub-tropics of the United States.

No registration fee is required and with the workshops on mountain dulcimer, Native American flute and ukulele (perhaps even guitar), you simply pay as you go.  Or nap on the deck.  Or go snorkeling - it's all your call.

The dynamic duo of Butch Ross and Bing Futch will be on staff and ready to help you learn as you have fun - or is that have fun as you learn?  Either way, it's going to be a good time as we enjoy lots of jamming, an honest-to-goodness Cuban cookout, some sightseeing and whatever else may come into play;  this is Key West after all.

Get the best room rates and informatio…
The Key West Dulcimer Gathering is just around the corner and we're starting to get excited about spending four lovely days in the place that you see in the picture above.  (That's Smathers Beach, by the way, and we'll head over there at least once.)

There's no registration fee - merely point your GPS to 2510 Harris Ave in Key West and plan on showing up sometime on Thursday, January 24th.  Nothing is planned yet - that's completely up to those who arrive!  Butch Ross and myself will be on hand to lead jams, offer private lessons and see who's interested in what.  Once we have a consensus, we'll know what kinds of workshops to put together and when to offer them.

Now, if you don't have a place to stay yet, contact Sheri Cabanas at Conch Republic Concierge (305) 294-6019.

Other than that - prepare to have a blast in the tropics!  If you're joining us later than the 24th, text or call me at (407) 342-1447 and I'll let you know where we're at if …