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Master's Classes

Here is a compiled list of Master's Classes taking place on Thursday and Sunday. These are more intensive educational offerings along the lines of private lessons that require an additional fee, payable to the instructor. I've included contact information so that you can request more details.

Roger Zimish

Special guest instructor Roger Zimish will conduct two guitar Master's Classes on Sunday. Roger is a nationally recognized, award-winning guitarist that has performed with a number of acts including The Bad Boys of Faith, The Lee Boys, Mohave and Meritage. He will be teaching a Saturday workshop on Chords, Scales and Numbers for all skill levels.

Beginners, Tuning your guitar, Finger Exercises, and Chord Forms. 90 minutes Sunday 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Inter./advan. Tapping Harmonics, Capos, Soloing and using a looper pedal
and other effects covering both Electric and acoustic. Sunday 12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Stephen Seifert

How to Master Complex Rhythms Once and For All
3-hour Master Class
Sunday - 9-12 am
While all levels are welcome, the emphasis will be on experienced intermediate to advanced topics.
DAD Tuning
Bring Capo

Topics for the right and left hand (but mostly right) will include counting, internalizing the beat, straight vs. swing, crosspicking/flatpicking, Irish jigs, triplets, syncopation, rubato, playing ahead of/behind the beat, and learning to love a metronome. I've been studying rhythm and right-hand work for a long time. I'll make sure you've got a good foundation then I'll show you just about everything I know about executing accurate and interesting rhythms on the mountain dulcimer. A good number of tune excepts will be used to make sure you get what I'm demonstrating. You've got plenty of tabs, make sure you've got the rhythm.

Karen Mueller

Master's Class - Sunday 10 am to Noon

"Playing Well With Others"

This class is for all instruments from advanced beginner level up. We'll work on beautiful and interesting arrangements for group playing that include the melody, chords and harmonies, provided in mountain dulcimer and autoharp tab, and notes and chord charts for hammered dulcimer and other instruments. If there is another instrument that you need tab for (mandolin, guitar, uke), let me know in advance so I can bring it. This will be a lot of fun, and you'll be amazed with the results that you can bring home to your group or club.

Susan Trump

“Master/Intensive” class for Novice/Low Intermediates
Sunday 9-11 am

"Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You" Discover and understand the fretboard. We'll find notes and chords, and understand the 'root' of the chord and simple chord shapes. Many light bulbs go on when I teach this one, so come and be en”lightened”! It's really fun! Novice, Low Int. DAD Tuning

Rick Thum

Master Class: Advanced beginners and up: Sunday 10 a.m. - 12 pm - 2 hours

Chording and Arranging: An easy way to learn what to do with those chords
and how to do it. We will learn how to pick chords for a song and how to
spice it up with some fancy chords and how to know which fancy chords and
when. I will teach you the tricks we use to make playing those chords
easy. If you have ever wanted to make your own arrangements this class
will teach you how.

Robert Force

master class: stages and staging-- the art of presentation. Thursday - 2-4 pm.

This class is about being confident and relaxed as a performer; understanding stage etiquette and using this to build a rapport with your audience. You are there because of them; they are there because of you. So: Who are you when you step up there? Also discussed will be techniques for setting up microphones, talking competently in technical jargon to sound reinforcement people, setting up microphones, use of monitors, auxiliary direct boxes and other stage hardware issues.

Bing Futch

Sunday the 31st at 10 am
. 2 hours

Masters Class - I'll be conducting a two-hour workshop on Native American flute. Must have a F# flute for the class - I have very nice Island Flutes available from $45.

Tull Glazener

"Master's Class" for 2 hours on Sunday morning (1/31/10) 9 am to 11 am.

Master Class - "Creating Dulcimer Tab from Standard Music Notation" - in this 2 hour class, we'll learn how to translate standard music notation, in any key, to the dulcimer fretboard and create full chord-melody arrangements. No previous ability to read standard notation is required. Bring a dulcimer (tuned D-A-d), and a pencil with a good eraser!

Butch Ross

Masters Workshops:

Introduction to the Box Method 1: Flat Pick and First Position
(Nov-Adv) -- this contains flatpicking techniques similar to Gary
Gallier and Terry Lewis' work Thursday - 1 pm

Introduction to the Box Method 2: Kitchen Girl and the flurry of Notes (Int-Adv) Thursday - 3 pm

Lois Hornbostel

Master Class with Lois Hornbostel - "A Graceful Left Hand for Smooth Playing" DAd tuning. Advanced Beginners & up.

Thursday - 1 pm - 3 pm. In this 2-hr. class we will look at the workings of our left hands to make our music smooth and articulate. We will learn some specially-selected music designed to bring out the beautiful tone of your dulcimer with individual help from Lois on wrist and hand positions, left-hand fingerings, sustaining notes and increasing volume with the left hand, and trying different inversions of chords for comfortable and efficient fingerings. We'll play some Irish slow airs, a waltz or two, and something a bit faster to use some hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides.

Guy George

Master Class -- Learn to play the steel drum ... learn to play the steel drum .. we'll learn some cool tunes and also where the chords are so you can give your dulcimer group that 'Island" sound any time you want. Cost - $200.00 - when the workshop is over, you keep the steel drum. If you fly you can pack the steel drum in your suitcase without the cardboard case to take home. I'll have some lightweight cases there for the pan too that will fold up in your suitcase. Thursday - 10 am


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