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Announcing: The 2nd Annual Key West Dulcimer Fest!

Only a week has elapsed since our first annual festival and we've already begun plans for the second edition!

The 2nd Annual Key West Dulcimer Fest will take place January 27th - 30th, 2011 in wonderful Key West, Florida. Though we are welcome back at both the Hurricane Hole and American Legion, we are looking into some other venue options that would centrally locate workshops, concerts, dining and lodging.

Once again, we've got a stellar line-up of performing staff that includes: Rob Brereton, Christie Burns, Linda Brockinton, Sue Carpenter, Joe Collins, Alan Darveaux, Steve Eulberg, Robert Force, Bing Futch, Guy George, Don Pedi, Gary Sager and Maureen Sellers.

Stay tuned for information on registration, location and education (workshops) as we begin the roll-up for another fantastic festival!

Post your festival pictures!

Share your pictures from the festival! (like this one from festival guest George Wentland.)

Upload your photos to the fan pics section of the Key West Dulcimer Fest Facebook page.

Also, be sure to tag the faces you recognize in your pictures - that will send those photos to the individual Facebook pages of those folks and really get the word out about how fun this festival was!

We are working on dates and instructor announcements right now - so it looks like this website will be a perpetual place of particulars involving the Key West Dulcimer Fest!

One for the history books...


To everyone who helped to make our 1st Annual Key West Dulcimer Fest a rousing success! From excellent participation in workshops, sold-out concerts and just about perfect weather for all four days (including excellent sailing weather on Sunday) to the great tunes, jams, dinners and excursions, everyone seemed to have a great time and we're already making plans for 2011!

Pictures are starting to come in from the fest and there will be plenty of video coming as well. Thanks again, everybody - this was an incredibly special event and we're blessed to have had even one - let alone a future of many more!


Bing Futch