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In Key Largo: The Marlin Restaurant

By the time you reach Key Largo, the magic has probably begun to settle in. No longer are you looking at endless stretches of housing tracts, highway signs and interminable cityscape. Now, you've seen the convergence of the waters; the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico on either side of you. The giddiness begins to kick in: you're in the Florida Keys! Though you may be tempted to just blow straight through - you've already had a long drive, so enjoy the 2 hours and 40 minutes or so of cruising the Overseas Highway by stopping, getting out and looking around at what interests you. Speed limits in the Keys rarely get above 45 mph, so you'll have plenty of time to spot things that intrigue you.

If you're into Cuban food, or would like to try some, then stop over at The Marlin Restaurant in Key Largo. From paella to black beans and rice with plaintains, there's a lot to like about this local establishment. Grab something to go from the order window out …

In Florida City: Pack Up At Jack's

Today and tomorrow are big travel days for those of you driving down to Key West and hopefully, you'll be able to access the internet via phone while you do (or rather, your passenger should - you should focus on driving, of course.) For me and Jae, the Florida Turnpike is rather uninspiring (and those landfills can be nauseating), but we perk up as the countdown to exits rolls through 13, then 5 then finally, exit 0 (South Dixie Highway - U.S. 1.)

Once off of the Turnpike, you'll veer right and begin traveling on U.S. 1. Be warned that this is your last chance for about 40 minutes to make a restroom break, grab something to eat and drink or gas up and stretch your legs. Our traditional stop is at Jack's Bait & Tackle, which sounds like a lot less than it actually is. Yes, it's a bait and tackle shop. But there's also food, beverages, restrooms, t-shirts, hats, sundries and, oh yes, boiled peanuts. The cracking of shells and sucking of juices usually carr…

Google Earth: Key West American Legion

As we did last year, we'll be posting some points of interest, things you should know and see, along with links and Google Earth files. These files, with the extension .kmz, will launch Google Earth and take you directly to the locations for each post.

For example, check out this link to the Key West American Legion:

Key West American Legion.kmz

Clicking on the link (either on your computer or Smartphone) will open Google Earth and take you directly to the spot we've highlighted (you may be prompted to choose a program with which to open the file.)

The journey from Florida City down through the Keys is one that should be enjoyed without rush. If you see little places along the way, stop in, grab a snack, look around. There is plenty of hidden treasure to be found on your trip to Key West!

Sponsor: Conch TV

We're thrilled to have Conch TV as a sponsor once again this year. They have some pretty nifty things going on, including a national television program called "Key West Time." Whether you love Key West or can't wait to get there, this is the series to be watching. It's fun, fast, informative, entertaining and, best of all, authentic!

Island Cousin: Key West Food & Wine Festival

While planning for our first festival last year, we suddenly discovered that the Key West Food & Wine Festival was also having its first festival on the exact same days!

This celebration of all things culinary welcomed us as a community partner in 2010 and we're pairing up again like Gew├╝rtztraminer and cheesecake for 2011.

In fact, F&W festival-goers that show their registration badges get into the Friday and Saturday instructor concerts for $5!

Stay tuned for other cross-pollinating news between these two sophomore festivals.

You Want This

Happy New Year!

We are just around the corner from a really good time down in the Keys. You want this file. It's got all the info you need to enjoy your week on Key West! May be updated - so check that it's the latest version.

Key West Dulcimer Fest Info.

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